Private Lessons 1:1 (MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER)

$50 for one hour, $100 for 2 hours (Range work begins on arrival at range).           

Additional charge for use of Armed & Ready firearms and ammunition


  •      Draw from holster(s)

  •      Off-hand shooting

  •      One-handed shooting

  •      CQB (Close Quarters Battle); Point-shooting

  •      Speed re-loading (magazines and speed loaders)

  •      Clearing failure drills (misfires, double-feeds, stove-pipes, etc.)

  •      Shoot and move, use of flashlight or laser

  •      Use of cover/concealment (car, inside/outside scenarios)

  •      Standing, sitting, kneeling, prone positions

  •      Multiple targets, varying distances
  •      Home invasion defense

Nevada and Utah CCW Classes

5 stars

The instructor (Sherri) was very concise and in depth with the information. I have been around guns my whole life and learned new things. Sherri was a very great instructor on the range. Very good with all the participants! Sometimes when instructors have years of experience, it can intimidate a person but she made me feel at east & was more than helpful.


P.S I would like to take lessons.

 5 Stars!

The class Sherri conducted was wonderful. She provided a wealth of information and showed her knowledge of each topic as she thoroughly explained them. Sherri also made the class very enjoyable and worth every penny.

My husband and I took this class a month ago, Sherri is amazing! She turns a class that could be very dry and boring into one that is interesting and fun. Her classes are very informative and educational, with lots of humor to get you through the day. She provides an awesome lunch then takes you out and works with everyone individually on weapon handling and shooting! Thank you Sherri for bringing your classes to this community and putting so much into it!

           5 stars                        Kisa

Good class very informative and helpful for first time shooters. 

5 Stars

Sherri Kept the class upbeat and engaging. She was also very helpful on the range. I am very happy that I took the class with her.  Thank you :)

5 stars..... Fast paced but very informative. I learned a lot on paper and what I need to practice at the range. Thank you very much. Great Class.


Sherri does a dang good job. She may be new to the instructing side but she knows her stuff. Another good thing about her is she also does one on one instruction and training on proper handling and different techniques of how to shoot if you need it. (For a fee she does this and very reasonable as well).


Sherri does a great job instructing CCW classes. I highly recommend her.

Additional Training/Services from Armed and Ready

Thanks for the CCW renewal training last Saturday.  I have been to several renewal classes over the years and I thought you had the best one yet.  You are very knowledgeable and cover all the bases.  I really liked how you conducted the range with authority!!  I felt a lot safer being around people who had guns and not knowing their experience level.  It was a pleasure to be in your class!!!  I have already recommended you to a friend who is up for renewal soon.

Take care, Doug

Great Class. 5 Stars. Lots of informative and useful information. Great learning experience.

5 stars      Great Class. I am so glad that my son Daniel talked in into coming. I would be interested  in some advanced classes from  you.



I had the best experience working with Sherri. (She is a sweetheart) I had never worked with a gun before and was scared to death I was going to shoot my own foot. Sherri was so patient with me and explained everything in great detail. By the end of my session I left there feeling comfortable with what I was doing. I look forward to continue working with Sherri and building my skill level. 
Thank you Sherri for being there and helping build my confidence with guns.


                5 stars

Sherri is an excellent instructor who knows her stuff! The day went by quickly.

2018​ CCW Schedule

​February 10

March 10 (NDOW Hunters Education)

April 7

​May 5

Humboldt County Range
$75 NV Basic/ $55 NV Renewal/ Utah +$25


CASH Payment

Available sign offs for NV, UT, FL and OR
Combo provides carry in over 30 states!

All Multi-State Classes will begin promptly from
8:00a.m to 5:30p.m +


Winnemucca Range Classroom (North on 95)
Bring a handgun you intend to carry, 50 rounds of ammunition and Eye and Ear Protection

No Money due until class – Reservations Required
Email (preferred)

Training provided by local Winnemucca Instructor.

Very informative. A lot to go over and you (Sherri) did really good at keeping us interested. Good Job!

Thank you very much for all your instruction while I was shooting. You made all the difference for me.        Thanks,